işletme onay no: TR-2700112
onay verileri: 23.06.2023
Bu Bir Ilaç Değildir
Bu Bir Premikstir
Tedavi Amacıyla Kullanılmaz
This Is Not Medicine
This Is A Feed Premix
It Can Not Be Used For Treatment
Proucition date : HV 202307
Expiry date : 07.2023
Batch No : 07.2026



1 LT
Usage and dosage:
daily quantity
5 ml / 1
Fish Oil (Maximum) 100%
10- kg bw.
10 ml / 2040- kg bw.
15 ml / 4060- kg bw.
Used by mixing with food.
Natural evolution speeds up the process. Meets
fish oil needs with Omega 3 it contains .
Balances skin and skin health.
Immune system strengthens.
Metabolism supports.
Kidney disease reduces the possibility.


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