işletme onay no: TR-2700112
onay verileri: 23.06.2023
Bu Bir Ilaç Değildir
Bu Bir Premikstir
Tedavi Amacıyla Kullanılmaz
This Is Not Medicine
This Is A Feed Premix
It Can Not Be Used For Treatment
Proucition date : HV 202307
Expiry date : 07.2023
Batch No : 07.2026



Amount and method of consumption :
Vitamin B1 2.000mg
Vitamin B2 200mg
Vitamin B6 300mg
Vitamin B12 1,5mg
Nicotinamide 4.000mg
Pantothenic Acide 200mg
Vitamin K3 800mg
Poultry : 1000 ml per 1000 liters of water for 57- days .
Ruminants : 1 to 2 ml per liter of drinking water for
Maintenance : Store in a cool , dry place between 10 and 25 degress
Celsius .
Abstinence time : Does not have .
Drug interactions : Does not have .
Precautions : Keep out of reach of children .
Indications : Prevention and treatment of B vitamins deficiency .
Prevention of subcutaneous and internal bleeding . Stimulation of
lipid and fatty acid metabolism . Protection of liver function ,
prevention and treatment of liver problems such as fatty liver
syndrome and hemorrhagic necrosis of the kidney . Improve
weighting , spawning and other production and productivity
parameters . Appetizing and helping to cure diseases .
Category : Foreign poultry medicine , special poultry products .


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