şletme onay no: TR-2700112
onay verileri: 23.06.2023
Bu Bir Ilaç Değildir
Bu Bir Premikstir
Tedavi Amacıyla Kullanılmaz
This Is Not Medicine
This Is A Feed Premix
It Can Not Be Used For Treatment
Proucition date : HV 202307
Expiry date : 07.2023
Batch No : 07.2026



Garlic Oil 10ml
Echinacea Extract 5.3ml
Vitamin B1 980mg
Vitamin B2 985mg
Helps reduce respiratory and digestive tract
infections It helps the intestines to work regularly
Strengthens the immune system Increases weight
gain It is a powerful source of antioxidants Increases
feed consumption and rate .
Usage Dose : 1 Lt per ton of water .


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