işletme onay no: TR-2700112
onay verileri: 23.06.2023
Bu Bir Ilaç Değildir
Bu Bir Premikstir
Tedavi Amacıyla Kullanılmaz
This Is Not Medicine
This Is A Feed Premix
It Can Not Be Used For Treatment
Proucition date : HV 202307
Expiry date : 07.2023
Batch No : 07.2026



Maintains bone health Reduces the risk of diabetes
Provides calcium and phosphorus absorption from the
Calcium from bone to blood can increase the pass
Calcium and phosphorus regulates blood levels .
Ca and P metabolism in the bones helps to settle In
collagen synthesis
In collagen synthesis and involved in ossification
alkaline phosphatase enzyme in activating effective
Tumor formation in the skin prevents .
Amount of Usage :
It can be used by adding to the feed and water of the
animals , as well as the specified doses can be drunk
orally as a drench
In Drinking Water :
General dose 200 ml / ton of water
Horses , Cows and Camels : 2030- ml / Ani.Head / Day
Sheep , Goat , Calf , Foal : 45- ml / Ani.Head / Day
Fattening , Calves ( 20 kg live weight ) : 1015- mi /
Head / Day Poultry : 200 ML / ton of water
1 LT


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