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onay verileri: 23.06.2023
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This Is Not Medicine
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Proucition date : HV 202307
Expiry date : 07.2023
Batch No : 07.2026




Vitamin A 100.000 Iu
Vitamin D3 20.000 Iu
Vitamin E 2.000 mg
Vitamin A plays an important role in the protection of the
epithelial tissues ( including retina and skin ) and the mucous
membranes anú therefore as a protection against general
infections Vitamin A deficiency symptoms are hyperkeratosis of
the skin , xerophthalmia , blindness , nervous symptoms ,
decreased growth rates and lower fertility . Vitamin D3 takes care
of the regular process of the calcium – phosphorous metabolism .
It also plays a role in increasing the rate of Caa ++ absorption and
transport from the intestine and so promoting calcification of
bone . Vitamin D3 deficiency symptoms are rickets in young
animals and osteomalacia in adults . Vitamin E has an anti oxidant
action . This action links vitamin E with vitamin A metabolism ( it is
used for the stabilising of vitamin A in foodstuffs . ) and with the
unsaturated fatty acids ( deficiency symptoms are muscular
disorders , e.g. White Muscle Disease , Stiff Lamb Disease ) .
Vitamin AD3E 10020/20/ Oral is indicated for treatment and
prevention of deficiencies of the vitamins A , D3 and / or E , in
connection with general bacterial infections , improvement of
rearing results , growth disturbances , noninfections reproductive
and sight disturbances , enteritis , convalescence and skin
problems . Prophylactic treatment during strong labour and
stressful situations .
Overdosage of vitamin D3 may cause hypercalcaemia in young
animals .
Poultry : 0.51- ml per litre of drinking water for 34- days . Cattle ,
Horses , Sheep and Goats : 0.51- ml per 10 kg of body weight
everyday for 35- days . Oral route .
None .
Store in a dry , dark place between 8 C and 25 C Store in closed
packing . Keep medicine away for children .


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